Lash Out Lounge started from humble beginnings in the basement of a hair salon in 2014. Morsal was the sole technician of the company at that moment. Certified by Xtreme Lashes she had a great passion for the industry with continuous drive for improvement and client satisfaction as top of her many goals.

The Company then grew larger and moved to its current location by picturesque Bronte Village near the Marina. Currently with a staff of 5 employees, the company is aiming for the stars. With no advertising other than word of mouth of our greatly appreciated clientele grew larger by the day, coming to a point where bookings are now requested to be made at least a week or two ahead of time.

Our Vision is to meet client satisfaction and give them the best quality and service as they so well deserve. We are committed to give our clients the best experience with products of the upmost respect and quality in the industry. Products that are at the peak of innovation and quality. We care about the products we use and so should you!

We appreciate any input whether negative or positive from our clients. It made us who we are! We give most credit to our clients whom have stood by our side and shared their ideas and thoughts. We’d like to give a deep Thank You from Lash Out Lounge to all our clients, we will continuously try our upmost best to meet your needs and wants! Xo