Do’s & Don’ts


your research! Only choose a reputable salon. The lash tech should be a licensed esthetician.


resist the urge to pull! If you pick, tug, twist or excessively touch, it could damage your natural lashes. Always have them professionally removed.


reshape your extensions after each shower, workouts, yoga sessions etc. Gently comb your lashes to fan them out or use a blow dryer set on “cool” to fan them back into place. Hold the blow dryer at arms length away from your face and dry and comb at the same time.


get your extensions wet for 24 to 48 hours after application! Also, avoid steam rooms or hot yoga. The adhesive will reactivate and may cause the lashes to stick together. Gently comb your lashes outwards right after such activities so the adhesive can harden while you lash are set straight.


let moisture-rich or oily products get onto your lashes.  Heavy creams or anything oil based will eventually loosen the bond. Tilt your head back when washing your hair or like many clients use swimming goggles while showering!



 neglect your natural lashes! Maintain the health of your natural lashes by using a eyelash conditioner or growth serum. They help the hairs to stay in the follicle longer resulting in stronger support for the extensions. The Serum can be found at our salon.

How long can you have eyelash extensions?

Lash extensions last through a full growth cycle of natural eyelashes, typically six to eight weeks. That said, because each person’s lash growth is somewhat variable (just hair growth), I suggest light lash maintenance every three to four weeks to maintain a full look.

Can you put mascara on eyelash extensions?

DO NOT USE OIL-BASED OR WATER-PROOF MASCARA. Waterproof mascaraor any type of oil based mascara can dissolve the bonding agent and shorten the life of your eyelash extensions causing them to fall sooner. Care also needs to be taken in washing off the mascara. Only use a water based eye makeup remover.

Can you wear eye makeup with eyelash extensions?

You can, but less is best. Mascara that is specifically formulated for lash extensions can be applied to the tips of the extensions. Oil-free eye makeupremover should be used to remove any makeupEye shadow and eyeliner canalso be applied as long as it is oil-free and removed daily.

Can you go swimming with eyelash extensions?

Yes. The bonding agent we use is waterproof and allows you to shower, swim, exercise etc. Special care is required but overall maintenance is low.

What are Faux-Mink Lashes?

Faux mink lashes are a more price friendly alternative to mink lashes. They are made usually either from polysynthetic fibers or silk fibers meant to imitate minkstrands.